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Spoken English Test
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Our fully automated assessment identifies your CEFR level and provides feedback on your strong and weak points
SmallTalk is perfect for you if you are...
A student who pass a language
exam, like IELTS, TOEFL, or a graduation exam
A professional preparing for a job interview
An English learner interested in defining your level and tracking progress
What's on offer?
CEFR standard: your English level of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency
Grammar and pronunciation mistakes with recommendations on how to correct them
Feedback on your active vocabulary: repetitions, common words and word sample by level
Suggestions on how to enrich your vocabulary and synonyms for frequently used words
An update on what has been improved and what has become worse if you repeat the test
Share your results on social media and with your teacher
to do the test
for SmallTalk to analyse your responses and create report
What will make you excited about SmallTalk?
SmallTalk's AI offers on-demand unbiased language assessment, instant results, and helpful tips to improve your English speaking
Suitable for all English levels
Tracks your progress
Gives you feedback on your strong and weak points
Unbiased assessment with high accuracy
Do you want to see a sample report?
Know your level
Know your level
Get a detailed report with full feedback
Sit in a quiet, comfortable place. Try to eliminate any background noise, as it may affect the accuracy of speech recognition.
To get the best score and feedback try to use a variety of appropriate vocabulary and grammar structures. Your final score is based on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency.
The test takes 15 minutes. If a question requires 2 minutes of speaking, try to speak for the full 2 minutes and give a detailed answer.
If you can't think of a real-life example, be creative and invent one – but make sure it's relevant to the question!
How to maximize your Test Score
How does SmallTalk assess my level?
Our tool recognizes and analyzes speech through cutting-edge deep learning algorithms with no human intervention and with flawless accuracy. Indicators for determining the level: the complexity of the grammatical constructions and words used, the speed of speech, errors in pronunciation, and more.
Which language do you use as a reference?
American English
Who designs the tests?
All tasks are designed by linguistic experts experienced in English language assessment.
How do you validate the score?
SmallTalk's automatic scoring is validated by linguistic experts, and tracked to ensure accuracy.
How accurate is SmallTalk at recognizing my speech?
SmallTalk uses the most advanced speech recognition technology. The word recognition error rate is minimal. This is taken into account in the machine learning model that predicts scores. It doesn't influence the overall accuracy of the level assigned.
What do I need to use SmallTalk?
SmallTalk runs in your internet browser. All you need is a computer or smartphone with microphone, and stable internet connection.
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