Unlock the true potential of your students and teachers with our AI-powered English language practice platform.

AI EFL Teaching Assistant
for Your School

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English speaking practice app
Free up human teachers of routine homework checks, enabling them to prioritize important aspects of their work, while students can practice their language skills without overloading the teacher

Delegate the mundane part of teaching to AI

Anxiety-Free Environment

Daily online English practice empowers shy students and helps them overcome language barriers, creating an anxiety-free environment for confident language skills

Accent-Aware Voice Recognition

Our technology understands various accents, encouraging students from all backgrounds

Detailed Proficiency Reports

Instantly get detailed reports on student grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation based on strong assessment methodology

Student Progress Tracking

Regular tests of student knowledge allow teachers to monitor progress, detect problems, and adjust learning plans as needed
Benefits of Employing an AI Teaching Assistant over traditional teaching tools
CEFR Language Assessment & Placement for Schools
AI - Powered Speaking Practice

Transform Learning in Your Classroom and Beyond

Test your students' language skills and place them in the appropriate level

Create custom tests for your students' specific needs

Integrate with our API to easily incorporate language tests into your curriculum

Language Assessment & Placement

AI-powered homework assignment with immediate feedback

Promote active learning and improving English speaking confidence in students

Make speaking practice fun for students and easy for the teacher

Effortless Speaking Practice

CEFR Language Assessment & Placement for Schools
AI - Powered Speaking Practice

80+ Mock IELTS speaking and writing tests with sample answers

Providing tips on key vocabulary and useful phrases

Evaluating IELTS band and highlighting students' mistakes

Online IELTS Speaking & Writing Assistance

Reinforce concepts learned in class with interactive exercises

Tailor vocabulary lessons to students' needs and interests

Improve English vocabulary with custom pack lexicon exercises

Empower Vocabulary Learning

Why choose SmallTalk?
The advantages that teachers gain from incorporating SmallTalk2Me into their teaching practices:

Experience the next generation of EFL teaching and learning with our AI-powered EFL Teaching Assistant

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