Be confident in your English during a Job Interview

With the mock-up interview simulator, you can feel confident and ready for an English interview
With the mock-up interview simulator you can feel confident and ready for an English interview
Get practice answering typical interview questions and learn key phrases
Get instant feedback on your English level, grammar, and vocabulary strengths and weaknesses
With no worries about making mistakes, you can practice anytime and anywhere
Job Interview Simulator Benefits
Speaking partner chat to find a partner to practice with together
Typical HR questions with theoretical material and sample answers
Mock job interviews for students, specialists, and managers
Can SmallTalk assess my level?
Mock up interviews imitate a real interview with an HR Manager for various positions: manager, specialist, and even for a student without any experience. After passing a mock interview, you'll receive a report showing your strengths and weaknesses and an evaluation of your English level.
How does SmallTalk evaluate my level?
SmallTalk recognizes and analyzes speech without human intervention and with flawless accuracy.
To evaluate your English level we use CEFR standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
What's the most efficient way to practice with SmallTalk?
We would recommend practicing the mock interview first to evaluate your level and find out your weak and strong points, then you can pass all lessons that will help you prepare for the interview, and after that finalize your training with a few mock interviews.
Does the tool recognize Indian and Filipino Accents?
Yes. The tool can recognize popular accents, such as Indian, Filipino, East European, and so on.
Which are the standard language and accent used by SmallTalk?
We use American English as reference.
Can I share my result with a teacher?
Sure, there is the 'Share' button at the end of your report.
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