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Boost Your Confidence
in Spoken English

AI-powered simulator to self-practice the IELTS speaking test, job interview and everyday conversational English

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Unlock Your English Potential

Smalltalk2Me is the perfect solution for anyone looking to speak English confidently. With your personal AI English Speaking Coach, you can estimate your English level, identify strengths and weaknesses, and improve your vocabulary and grammar, or receive ChatGPT Feedback.

With Daily Stories and Courses, you can practice every day to break through language barriers.

Practice Your Spoken English Every Day

Daily English Practice

Mock-up interviews enable you to practice commonly asked questions and get instant feedback on your performance.

Impress in a Job Interview

Mock Job Interview

The IELTS Speaking Test Simulator instantly provides you with a band score and a detailed report.

IELTS Exam Band Score

Prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test

Monitor Your English Level

Automated Spoken English Level Test evaluates your CEFR level with 95% accuracy. Take it again whenever you like.

English Level Test

Record Your Voice and Get Instant Feedback

Top things from our user survey in Feb 2022

Benefits Our Users Receive from SmallTalk

"I don't have to spend too much money for this daily speaking I have"
"It can evaluate my pronunciation and reveal my grammar mistakes and sometimes pronunciation mistakes for my speaking"
"The most important benefit
from SmallTalk2Me is about the privacy. I can record my voice and don't be afraid of judgment"

"I can practice my language anywhere by my smartphone"
"I get the results within a few minutes. I have used many other apps which take more than two or 3 weeks to analyze our recordings"
"The possibility to record my speech and get feedback without the need to arrange appointments is the main benefit I get from SmallTalk"

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