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Simplify spoken and written English proficiency assessment test for your company

AI-powered language platform for accurate and detailed assessment of speaking and writing skills.
Make data-driven decisions about hiring, promoting and educating your team.

Choose to test speaking skills or writing skills, or both, or design a custom branded test to fit your company's needs. When the test is ready, send it to the candidates.

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Three simple steps to set up SmallTalk2Me

How does it work?

They can take the English fluency assessment test anytime and anywhere using their computer or mobile phone to record their answers.

Candidates complete the test remotely


Get the results

After a candidate completes the test, you get the results instantly. See the CEFR level and language proficiency profile for each candidate. You can then select the best candidate to fit your needs.


Our web-cloud platform makes it easy for you to request tests and view results. Alternatively, you can integrate SmallTalk with your own system using our API.

Automate your testing process

Why choose SmallTalk?

CEFR Scoring
Detailed Report
Cloud Platform
CEFR Scoring
Detailed Report
Cloud Platform
CEFR Scoring
Detailed Report
Cloud Platform
API Integration
Tests Customization
Results Export
Performance Tracking

Easily and accurately test a person's English ability

Save precious recruitment time by avoiding unnecessary interviews

Who is SmallTalk2Me Assessment for?

Recruiters & HRs
Language Schools
University Admission
Stop wasting time interviewing unqualified candidates. With this AI tool, recruiters can choose the right people for the job based on their English skills.
Place students in appropriate language programs.
SmallTalk2Me helps language schools determine students' English skills so they can place them in the right classes.
Leverage SmallTalk2Me Assessment for efficient student placement during the admission process. Universities can accurately gauge applicants' English language competence, helping them make well-informed decisions about admissions.
Managing Director &
Stanford University Lecturer

"SmallTalk is an exciting company that puts cutting-edge AI technologies into a useful, high-quality product for the mass-hiring market and admission of non-native English speaking students."

Ravi Belani

Are you ready to improve your workflow?

We evaluate the CEFR level with 95% accuracy, which is much higher than human accuracy (80-85%). Our unique system correctly evaluates scores by half-level increments: B1, B1+, B2, B2+, C1, C1+.

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