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Useful Phrases to Shine in a Zoom Call

A man having a business zoom call on his laptop

Let’s remember some frequent phrases that will help you be fluent during your conversations with colleagues from abroad.

Introducing yourself on the call

  • Hello, Maria here.
  • Hello, it’s Maria speaking.
It’s important to say ‘Hello’ first as the first word is often lost. If you say your name first, other participants may miss your name.

Checking others are on the call

  • Is Jane on the call?
  • Are we waiting for anyone else?

Starting the call

  • Thank you very much for joining the call today.
  • As you know, today we are discussing…
  • The agenda for today is…

Dealing with sound issues

  • If you are not speaking, please put yourself on mute.
  • I can’t hear you clearly.
  • Sorry can you repeat that, the connection is poor?

Sharing your screen

  • I’m sharing my screen, let me know when you can see it.
  • I’m uploading the document now, can you see it?

Finishing the call

  • So, to summarize, we agreed to…
  • Is there anything else to discuss?
  • Thank you for sharing your ideas, let’s speak again next week.
  • We’ve run out of time, so let’s wrap up.
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