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8 language proficiency questions for HR to address

Female HR-specialist talking to a colleague

HR managers have a lot on their plate — recruiting, hiring, onboarding, compensation, learning, assessment, to name a few. If you are an HR manager in a multinational company, another task added to your lengthy to-do list is a language-related question. Language and communication are an essential part of our daily work routine, but sometimes we take them for granted. However, it’s worth starting to think about how we need to improve it for our organization to succeed.

These are some of the questions an HR manager of every multinational company should take into consideration.

  • How many languages do the employees speak?
  • When is it necessary for an employee to switch to a foreign language?
  • How high should employees’ English speaking proficiency be for particular positions?
  • What level of English should client facing employees possess?
  • How and when are language proficiencies assessed?
  • In what ways can we improve the language speaking skills of our employees?
  • Is communication with all relevant stakeholders efficient furthermore effective?
  • In what ways is language assessment an effective and integral part of the hiring process?

They are to start thinking about improving workplace communication in your company, and here the SmallTalk language proficiency assessment tool could help you with your tasks. Our cutting-edge AI-based technology will allow you to instantly evaluate your candidates’ and current employees’ English speaking skills without any bias. As a result, you will have a detailed report on the candidate’s level of grammar: the mistakes, pronunciation, vocabulary, and overall level of English.

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