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Technology. What’s in it for your candidates?

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Have you ever thought of how your candidates see the whole recruitment process? Technology is often mentioned in the context of how it may help recruiters do their job faster, make the hiring process less complicated and significantly reduce cost per hire. However, it’s also extremely beneficial for the main focus of this process: your exceptional candidates. A bad recruitment experience may have a negative impact on your business. This happens when top candidates accept job offers from another company because they have to wait too long to hear back from you. Should something go wrong in the hiring process, they may never apply again or even buy from your company. They might also share their experience online, thus damaging your brand and reputation.
Even if you have an extensive database with great candidates, it won’t help if they don’t like you. If you can’t attract people to your organization, your business won’t grow. On the other side, if your candidates are happy with the hiring process, you will likely be able to contact them next time, even if you are not going to make them an offer right now. Loyal candidates mean more applications for your open positions, less time to fill in the roles and, of course, reduction in cost per hire.
How can technology help you create a positive experience for your candidates?

Technology makes the application and assessment easier

The rise of technology gives candidates an opportunity to watch the videos about open jobs, upload CVs from their mobile phones and apply on the go. The assessment procedure has also been modified: candidates don’t need to fill in numerous questionnaires, or even sweat and blush when answering the recruiter’s questions during an interview. AI-based tools easily take on the role of recruiters here. For example, this is how SmallTalk, a verbal language assessment tool, works. All your candidates have to do is to click on the link, record their answers and receive a detailed report on their level right away.

Technology is a timesaver

Your candidates don’t need to be gurus when it comes to time-management, or look for a free time slot in their calendar to attend your office for an interview. Video-conferencing tools not only allow having an online discussion, but also prerecording recruiter’s questions and send them to candidates to answer. And it goes for assessment tools too. For example, when candidates complete the verbal proficiency assessment with the SmallTalk solution, they can do it in the comfort of their home and at a time that suits them.

Technology is fun and engaging

If you aim to attract the best talent to your company and make an impression on your candidate, add gamification to your hiring process. You can spend some budget on a special app, organize a competition, and suggest solving a company problem or using an engaging assessment tool. If you need to check your candidates’ English speaking skills, SmallTalk can customize the assessment procedure to make it relevant for your business and more fun for your candidate.
Implementing new technology and changing the entire hiring process may sound challenging at first, but if you truly aim to have the best team and be competitive in the market, you need to be in the loop on current recruitment trends, and seek for new solutions to make your hiring process really exciting and unforgettable for your candidates. And they will appreciate your efforts.
If you’re interested in implementing the cutting-edge technology for a fair and easy assessment of your candidate’s English, don’t hesitate to contact the SmallTalk team