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SmallTalk2Me adds ChatGPT capabilities

SmallTalk2me integrate with ChatGPT

Exciting news, folks! We're thrilled to offer our users an even better experience for preparing for job interviews, acing English proficiency tests like IELTS, and mastering the English language.

SmallTalk2Me just got a major upgrade. Thanks to our integration with ChatGPT's natural language processing technology, we can now offer even more personalized and natural-sounding feedback than ever before.

Our advanced speaking simulator was designed with motivated learners like you in mind, providing an easy-to-use training system. All you needed to do was to record your spontaneous speech, get a personalized and instant analysis containing feedback on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, learn from your mistakes, and watch your skills improve.

Now, with the addition of AI powered by ChatGPT, SmallTalk2Me's users can enjoy the following advantages:

Customized feedback based on users’ specific needs and goals: Our latest update provides even more specific feedback on the user's speech, covering not only language mistakes, but also providing personalized recommendations to help users prepare for several real-life situations:
  • Job interview – SmallTalk2Me's reports on mock job interviews now include personalized suggestions from an AI-recruiter, who can provide feedback on using specific language, giving concrete examples, and projecting enthusiasm and energy in responses. The reports cover your strengths, weaknesses, points to improve in your speech. With this feature, users can get valuable insights into areas where they can focus their efforts to excel in job interviews.
  • IELTS test – these reports include recommendations from an AI-examiner helping users identify areas where they need improvement to achieve their desired score. Examiner can offer advice on how to improve your performance on the test, such as using more complex sentences or a wider range of vocabulary, improving pronunciation.
Fluent like a native speaker: In addition to the test results, our AI-powered recommendations provide users with personalized guidance on how to rephrase their responses to sound more natural and fluent, just like a native speaker.

Increased engagement: With its instant and tailored feedback, our upgraded tool can make the language learning process more engaging and relevant for individual learners. This feature can be a motivating factor for those who want to see measurable progress in their learning journey, ultimately leading to a more satisfying and rewarding experience.
SmallTalk2Me's latest AI features are fully available to our Pro learners who can now take their language proficiency to the next level - the Native Guru level. While a trial version is also available to all users to experience the benefits and take the first step towards their goals. So why not give it a try and see how our personalized feedback can help you reach your language goals?