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SmallTalk English Language Testing For Better Results

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Why is SmallTalk the best choice for automated English language assessment for companies?
Communication is key to the success of every business. It affects our relationships with clients, our reputation, and how our clients or stakeholders understand the product or service we provide.
Today, many people work from home or go to the office a couple of times a week. So, recruiters need a flexible solution to evaluate the English speaking and writing skills of candidates.
Automated tools will help you make the right hiring decision, promote employees, or assign them to projects based on their skills.

Automated English Language Assessment For Companies

Let’s see what current products offer companies.
  • Comprehensive assessment. Fully automated solutions evaluate pronunciation, fluency, active listening, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • Online testing. Conduct assessments remotely, so no physical presence or appointment is needed. You can evaluate candidates from anywhere, anytime.
  • Time-saving. You can conduct English tests without any infrastructure.
  • Instant results. You have a clear picture of the English level of a candidate or employee right away or within 24 hours.
These are features that are common to most automated English language assessment tools. But some other useful features can help you reach your goals and enhance the overall experience.

SmallTalk Features

These are what differentiate SmallTalk, the AI-based automated English assessment tool, from other competitors on the market.

1. Detailed Performance Reports

SmallTalk provides a very detailed report with 25 indicators of your candidate’s strong and weak points.

2. Compliant With CEFR Levels

SmallTalk assessments align with the CEFR standard.
It assesses grammar, pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary independently, so you can see what’s more important for your position.

3. Enhanced Accuracy

SmallTalk uses advanced speech analytics that allows us to maintain the highest accuracy for evaluations. The results are 95% accurate, which is 10% higher than for assessments conducted by people.

4. Cost-Effective English Testing

SmallTalk effectively reduces the cost of language assessment for companies, especially at scale. Our pricing is among the most affordable on the market ($5 — $12 per test).

5. Integration with Your Existing Recruitment Software

The Application Programming Interface allows integration with popular ATS systems or with your in-house system. For example, Greenhouse.

6. Custom Pronunciation Testing

SmallTalk can customize pronunciation tasks based on company-specific terminology.

7. Custom Targeted Vocabulary

We customize open questions for your industry and the requirements for the position.

8. Realistic Work-Related Writing Tasks

SmallTalk tests the email writing skills of your candidates or employees.

9. Flexible Scoring Thresholds

SmallTalk can adjust the desired score level according to your requirements. For example, you need B2 candidates for your remote service desk team or C1/C2 candidates for your sales team.
We can also create a middle level (e.g., B1+ or C1+) if required for your recruitment purposes.

10. Brand Your English Tests

With SmallTalk, you can customize your English language assessment tests to include your corporate branding.
Also, SmallTalk can conduct an independent audit and prepare a detailed report on a single employee, an overall group, department, or company. We can also track the progress of employees before and after they take corporate language courses.
Are you ready to have the best-in-class automated language testing in your company? SmallTalk is the best way to assess the English speaking and writing skills of your candidates and employees.
SmallTalk evaluates the skills of your people to write emails or prepare related professional documents. Plus, it tests their ability to speak on core business topics rather than pass standard multiple-choice tests.
Learn more about the functionality and pricing of our cutting-edge language testing and evaluation solution. Visit the SmallTalk website or contact the SmallTalk team today!