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Celebrating the Champions of the 2023 SmallTalk New Year Challenge

Cartoon New Year Tree with presents underneath

Last month, we started a New Year challenge to help you become experts at small talk. We made 21 lessons with vocabulary bits and speaking exercises that mimic real-life situations. Now, it’s time to reward you.

Congratulations to the heroes who completed all lessons in December and earned a 99% discount for SmallTalk Pro. You are a true inspiration for our team.

We are also rewarding everyone who started the challenge and completed some of the lessons. You can find your personal discount on your SmallTalk page. 

It’s beyond exciting that over 1,500 people worked on their small talk with us. We’ve had participants from India, Vietnam, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Pakistan as well as people from another 50 countries all over the globe. It was heartwarming to see such diversity, and we will be back with more challenges!

If you missed the New Year challenge, we have just published all lessons on the platform. You will find them in the course named “How to make great Small Talk”. It’s not too late to learn how you can handle awkward weather conversations, wrap up a poor date, or have a warm chat with new colleagues.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

SmallTalk Team