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How to personalize learning experience with SmallTalk2Me

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Sofia Terpugova, CEO and Co-Founder of SmallTalk2Me

We now offer a new functionality to customize your speaking practice. Our AI-powered assistant will help you boost your vocabulary by generating exercises tailored to your language proficiency level, personal speaking skill gaps and interests.

To be successful in a self-study learning process, it is essential for the learner to be able to identify their own skill gaps and craft practice tasks that can help fill them. This can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to honing English-speaking skills.

This week, SmallTalk2Me has introduced Vocabulary Booster – a user-tailored exercises created through Generative Artificial Intelligence. You can pick one of 15 topics of interest like business, art, food and parenting, and get tasks that focus on the areas you need to work on.
We showcased our latest feature at the Future of Education Technology Conference and were selected as a finalist for the Pitch Fest.

Self-Evaluation. Self-Education. Self-Practice

We designed our service to significantly improve English-speaking skills of motivated learners. For language teachers, our smart assistant makes tutoring more efficient by automating routine tasks like identifying student levels, tracking progress, assigning and checking speaking homework. Business organizations can use the tool to reduce time and costs associated with language assessment and improving the language skills of their staff.

The core of SmallTalk2Me is powered by Machine Learning technology: a user begins by recording spontaneous speech, and afterwards an instant and detailed feedback report is provided by an advanced set of language analysis algorithms. These algorithms examine speech using thirty parameters to identify a learner's level and point out the most common mistakes in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary with a higher accuracy level than a human tutor.

Learners can practice using a set of lessons and courses prepared in advance by SmallTalk2Me's methodologists and teachers. These are designed to train speaking in everyday situations such as communications at work, immigration processes, and job interviews. Users can also prepare for exams like IELTS and test themselves in advance to better understand their band score.

For many people, speaking a foreign language is much harder than reading and writing. Not having enough time and money to train with a tutor, people give up studying, even if speaking English can change their lives for the better. That is why SmallTalk2Me tool which allows people to improve their speaking skills at any time and without a teacher, can make a significant difference in the learning process. Adding Generative AI to the set of our technologies, makes the whole experience customized, unique, and more attached to a student’s personality and English level.

Test your language level and try our new feature here: Vocabulary Booster