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7 questions to interview a sales candidate

A job interview with a sales candidate

You’re hiring a new employee and you’ve taken all necessary steps that lead a candidate to you. Now it’s time for an interview. These are some questions you may use to find out more about the candidate and understand if this person fits the position.

Attracting new clients

What if you have to find clients for our company from scratch? Tell me the first thing you would do and what tools you would use.

Checking on yourself

How do you decide when you’ve done enough research on a prospective client?

Dealing with objection

Tell me about a time when a prospective client told you, “It’s too expensive/I don’t have the budget/I don’t have time right now.” How did you respond? What actions did you take?

Closing the deal

How do you decide when a prospect is ready to close a deal? Do you have any specific tactics?


Tell me about a time when you failed to close a deal. What would you have said or done differently?

Client relationships

Give me your best example of going above and beyond to keep a customer happy.

Time management

How do you decide how to prioritize your time between prospecting new clients and managing existing accounts?
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