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Automated Language Assessment For Better HR Results

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English is the language of business, especially if your company is dealing with clients and stakeholders all over the world. English is a powerful tool that affects all key processes: negotiating, decision-making, research, communications, and solving clients’ problems. It has been obligatory for many multinational companies for decades.
Companies that need their employees to function well in English must have a reliable automated language assessment solution. Using a high-quality automated testing and evaluation solution allows you to measure employees’ English language proficiency and regularly track their learning progress.
Our SmallTalk English language assessment tool will help you in each step of the major HR processes: from hiring to promotion and project placement.

Make the right hiring decision

When you’re looking for highly qualified English-speaking talent, sometimes the accurate assessment of a candidate’s speaking skills during a traditional interview can be tricky. Recruiters waste a lot of time and energy during the selection process. The human factor and urgent need to hire may lead to a less than optimal or biased hiring decision.

How automated English language assessment helps HR

Using the SmallTalk AI-based assessment tool allows you to hire the best candidate faster, easier and bias-free. Based on natural language processing, speech recognition research, and machine learning technology development, SmallTalk provides automated language proficiency scores quickly and reliably.
How it works:
  • Send the link to candidates so that they can record their spoken responses.
  • The AI algorithms then analyzes the responses.
  • SmallTalk generates a detailed report and score for each candidate’s level of English fluency.
Need to hire front-line service support staff? You will need to interview B1-level candidates with sufficient English skills to manage tickets in the system and answer requests. Need salespeople? Choose from C2-level candidates with better English writing and speaking skills.
SmallTalk can assess the writing and speaking skills of candidates. Hiring the best people for your team saves time, money, and even your reputation.

Promote the best people

Using automated assessment tools is extremely effective for deciding which employee best fits a promotion position in your company. SmallTalk generates a detailed report and score on request. So you can see who has the best English language skills and is most qualified for the role.

Allocate the best employees to projects

Imagine you are about to launch a new project with international clients, and you need to allocate people to work on it. They will have to negotiate with clients and solve problems. So they must have the essential vocabulary. What will help you find the best people? An AI-based automated speech scoring system can make employee allocation decisions more effective and data-driven.

Audit your talent

To ensure you allocate your workforce effectively, you must regularly monitor your employees’ skills. With the SmallTalk automated scoring system, you can easily handle your language audit procedures. Compare English-speaking skills in various departments, apply benchmark competency scores, and make sure your people meet the minimum requirements for their roles.

Monitor the efficiency of your corporate language learning

Do you have an in-house English teacher, or do you partner with a language training center? You must monitor the progress of your employees and ensure that language training aligns with company goals.
With SmallTalk English language assessment, you can test your employees’ English speaking before and after language training. With the scores, you can then decide if the learning is effective and meets your purposes or if you should consider changing the language training provider.

Leveraging SmallTalk for better results

Still hesitating about using technology for automated language testing in your company? SmallTalk is the best way to assess the effectiveness of language training for your employees and their English-speaking abilities.
Visit the SmallTalk website or contact the SmallTalk team to find out more about the functionality of our cutting-edge language testing and evaluation solution.