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Step up your small talk with our New Year challenge

Happy People Smiling Celebrating at a New Year Party

December is the time for New Year’s resolutions. It is, however, hard to actually keep them. Here’s our solution: let’s start something exciting and useful for 2023 today!

On December 1, we are starting a challenge to help you master the art of small talk in English. Visit us every day to find free short lessons that teach you these random conversations with strangers. We prepared some fun videos, wrote down vocabulary bits, and created speaking exercises. If you complete all the lessons, you will earn a 99% discount for a SmallTalk Pro subscription!

During the month, we will show you things that you could say to strangers in airports, hospitals, bars, shopping malls, public transport, and more. Here are some other topics from our challenge:

  • Weather (of course)
  • Business trip
  • Compliments and dates
  • Health
  • Gym

We offer a huge reward, but we don't want to stress you during the holiday season. This is why the challenge has 21 lessons that you can take across 31 days of December. If you missed a day or started the challenge late, you can still finish all lessons  and earn the 99% discount. But don't skip too many days: you can't do more than one lesson per day.

Thank you for learning with us in 2022. Now, let’s start to work on your 2023 goals!

P.S. Once you complete the challenge, write us at and we will congratulate you in our next blog post.