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IELTS Writing General Task 1 Checklist

IELTS Writing General Task 1 Checklist
Use this comprehensive checklist to self-prepare for the IELTS Writing Exam, General Task 1 and attain a band from 6.0 to 9.0.

Tick the items below in your self-practice for IELTS Writitng. It’s not a must to have all of them, but the more structures you use correctly, the higher your score will be.


✔️ It took 20 min or less

Task achievement

✔️ 150+ words
✔️ All bullet points are covered in detail
✔️ Purpose of the letter is presented
✔️ Appropriate tone (formal/informal) is used

Coherence and Cohesion

✔️ Paragraphs are used skillfully
✔️ Logical structure
✔️ Linkers (at least 2-3)
✔️ Lexical resource
✔️ Topic-specific vocabulary
✔️ Collocations
✔️ Phrasal verbs
✔️ Idioms
✔️ B2-C2 vocabulary
✔️ No spelling mistakes
✔️ No excessive repetition

Grammatical range and accuracy

✔️ Variety of tenses (at least 2): active & passive
✔️ Modal verbs (could, should, etc.)
✔️ Comparatives & superlatives
✔️ Quantifiers (much/many, few/little, some/any, etc.)
✔️ Gerund/infinitive
✔️ Relative clauses (...who/ which/ that...)
✔️ Time clauses (...when/after/until...)
✔️ No mistakes in grammar (articles, prepositions, tenses, etc.)
✔️ No mistakes in punctuation

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