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SmallTalk2.Me is introducing an AI-powered IELTS Writing Simulator for both Academic and General IELTS Writing tests

Cartoon laptop and a hand pressing button getting ready for an Ielts exam using AI-powered English-speaking assistant

SmallTalk2.Me, an AI-powered English-speaking assistant, has launched IELTS Writing, a new feature that allows you to practice tasks from the IELTS writing examination. With the help of this feature, you can receive precise scoring of your language skills, as if it were provided by a human tutor. Additionally, you can obtain AI-generated actionable feedback on areas in which your skills could be improved.
Among the four parts of the IELTS exams (speaking, writing, listening, and reading), the first two are generally considered the most challenging, particularly for those taking the Academic test. According to IELTS statistics, writing and speaking sections tend to receive lower average scores during testing. The new feature from SmallTalk2.Me offers tools for practicing these sections effectively, anytime and anywhere.

IELTS Writing feature simulates both General and Academic IELTS tests, presenting the exact types of tasks that you would encounter during the actual examination. These tasks range from composing a 'General letter' to describing 'Pie charts' and various types of 'Essays.' The new feature encompasses over 100 practice tasks.
After completing a test, you receive a comprehensive score, calculated through an automated assessment of your responses across four essential categories: Grammar range and accuracy, Lexical resource, Coherence and cohesion, Task response (accuracy).
Additionally, you receive a set of improvement recommendations, which are automatically generated using a separate GPT-based algorithm.
Your performance is evaluated using a customized SmallTalk2.Me AI model, which has been trained on a unique dataset curated by professional human tutors. This dataset reflects the evaluation standards employed by IELTS examiners. The new feature complements the IELTS Speaking Test Simulator, an AI-based test companion designed to aid in speaking test preparation.
Try the SmallTalk2.Me IELTS Writing Test feature here: