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Is diversity on your hiring agenda?

A multinational team playing table soccer together

Diversity and inclusiveness have been on the agenda of many international companies for some time already. There are numerous benefits to making your team diverse, such as better employee retention, more efficiency, and creativity. There is one more advantage — by promoting diversity in the company, it builds a strong reputation and brand in the market thus enhancing its attractiveness for future clients and potential candidates.

Before putting some effort into adding diversity to your team, ask yourself a question: What do we have now? Diversity covers such factors as race, gender, culture, age, physical abilities, and other ways we each identify.

There are a lot of diversity measurement products that help you monitor demographics across the talent acquisition process and the full employee lifecycle, so your HR department can start coming up with initiatives to understand where the lack of inclusion is happening and how to fill in these gaps.

What’s about hiring? If you aim to build an effective and diverse team, you need to make sure that your hiring process is as inclusive as possible.

Sometimes companies make wrong recruitment decisions from the very start when HR managers begin to talk to potential employees. For example, when they need to assess candidates’ English-speaking skills. Small details outside candidates’ actual qualifications may catch the recruiter’s attention and negatively affect the hiring process: for example, recruiters may decline great candidates because of their accents or hire a wrong person based on his or her nationality.

AI can be an incredibly effective tool for reducing bias here. Your decision-making must be done based on data rather than on someone’s subjective impressions. SmallTalk’s AI-based verbal language assessment tool is your independent consultant, which will help you hire a right candidate and skip on the one who will have troubles in multicultural team. SmallTalk will assist you in making the right decision when hiring your talent faster and easier and avoid any bias.

If you aim to add diversity to your agenda, make sure you have evaluated your current resources, developed effective hiring strategies, and always remember that nowadays the cutting-edge technologies and AI-based tools are of great help when building your strong and effective workforce.