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How can technology help you attract the best talent?

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It is no secret that technology and artificial intelligence have continued to conquer the world over the years. But this has been most evident recently, with COVID-19 and severe economic changes forcing digital transformation onto many companies’ agenda. Now, and moving forward, this affects how people do their jobs and how businesses seek, assess and make their hiring decisions. The areas of HR and recruitment have been highly influenced by technology.

Suppose you want your business to be competitive in the market and attract great talent to your team. In that case, you should be in the loop with current technological trends.

Why is technology better than the human approach? Let’s consider this.

Technology cuts costs

Currently and post-COVID-19, cost-cutting is a necessity for most companies. In recruitment, this means decreasing the cost per hire. Using a CRM system to maintain relationships with candidates helps recruiters save time and effort when new positions become available. Because of targeting and sharing, social media advertising provides more and often better candidates for a role. Using the leverage of assessment software gives precise data to ensure the right hiring decisions based on actual skills instead of relying on CV information. For example, SmallTalk’s AI-based tool provides a detailed report on a candidate’s English verbal proficiency. This feature helps a company avoid the unnecessary expenditure incurred by hiring the wrong candidate.

Technology saves time

A major recruitment problem in big corporations is that the hiring process takes too long.

Recruiters spend an excessive amount of time and effort doing tasks manually that could be automated. Email communication, scheduling interviews, and processing assessments could be covered by chat-bots, AI schedulers, and tools to save recruiters’ precious time.

For mass recruitment, tools such as SmallTalk can replace recruiters in assessing the candidates’ English faster, thus saving their time for more creative and challenging tasks.

Technology eliminates bias and minimizes errors

Recruiters can make unconscious decisions based on criteria such as gender, race and age rather than the candidate’s potential and experience. They often tend to rely on their intuition and the first impression, leading to hiring the wrong candidates for the role and incurring additional costs for the business.

SmallTalk standardizes the assessment procedure, helping recruiters eliminate potential bias and make fair and proper hiring decisions.

There is massive potential for technology in recruitment, and we’ll definitely see more solutions in the future. It seems that the hiring process no longer requires humans, but don’t worry, technology is only a great helping hand for the experienced, digital-savvy recruiters. It allows them to see the clear picture and concentrate on the human side of the business.
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