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Top questions for your interview in English. Part I

If you’re planning a career in a multinational company or your dream work description defines fluent English as a must, job interview in English is a logical step you will take. These are some questions and suggested answers for you to practice in advance.

Tell me about yourself

  • I’ve graduated from the University of …
  • I’ve worked for xx years as a …
  • I’ve worked for …

Why should we hire you?

  • You should hire me because I’m responsible and…
  • I’m a perfect fit for this position because …
  • I think I’m a great match for this position.

What are your strengths?

  • I’ve always been a team player.
  • I believe my strongest trait is my attention to details.
  • I pay close attention to my clients’ needs.
  • I’m good at problem solving.

Describe your weaknesses

  • I always try to solve my problems myself instead of asking a colleague to help.
  • I am a perfectionist.
  • Sometimes I have trouble delegating duties to others.

Tell me about your professional background

  • I have XX years of experience as a …
  • I studied at the University of XX (if you haven’t had any work experience).
  • I worked for XX as a …

Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • I’m aiming to improve my skills as a …
  • I believe your company is an important player in its industry.
  • I feel my skills set is a perfect fit for your team and I can contribute by …

Is there anything else you’d like to discuss?

  • How soon do you expect to make a decision?
  • Do you have a training and development program?
  • What are our next steps?

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